Collective Heart’s strength is built on having a committed and loving group of members. Being a member gives access to opportunities to love, connect, share and contribute which can be elusive to those who are busy looking after their everyday life.

Members come along to our monthly breakfast meeting where we hear about recent heart warming activities our members have been involved in and listen to heart expanding and sometimes heart exploding guest speakers who share stories of trial and triumph. During our monthly meetings we also nominate projects, organisations or individuals which our members identify as being in need of some support.

I look forward to continuing growth and development in giving with this group of wonderful human beings.
— Julie Christie

Our members are free to get involved to whatever extent feels right for them. 

The membership fee is $39 per month which covers the monthly breakfast and at the same time supports a local community service organisation. It also provides a small margin that we pool together and allocate to projects of interest on a regular basis.

We are a caring bunch who do small things that have the potential to make big differences in the lives of everyone involved. If you like the sound of all this, please come and join us at a breakfast to have a closer look. 

If you really enjoy the breakfast gathering we can then have a chat to see if becoming a member is for you. No expectations, no obligations.